Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 2016 Issue
Think small, Win BIG
We hear about Big Data all the time now; transactional data, behavioral data, data from  devices and applications, and the list goes on. Not to mention all the "intelligence" we can find out about consumers' buying habits; down to a granularity that, frankly, take us places many of us would prefer not to go.

But what about the data that is sitting right in front of you? In your zeal to look at the big picture are you ignoring all that "tiny" data that has been available to us all along? And are you using it to your advantage?
Here four types of "tiny" data you should be taking a second look at:

  1. Call data: If you are collecting data from the various communications devices throughout your office, when was the last time you took a good look at it? Call data can tell you a lot about how your employees are using their phones (landline an  d mobile) and can help you spot areas where you can consolidate, eliminate and streamline your communications systems.
  2. Website statistics: Are you really using all the data available through programs like Google Analytics? For those who take the time to sift through it, there are huge rewards. The data can tell a story about how visitors are engaging with your site. And Google keeps adding things to make it richer and even more meaningful. If you haven't tuned in to your analytics recently, you might want to take a look around. A lot has changed!
  3. Business intelligence: These systems can help you identify market trends and connect the dots between your company and your competitors. By integrating this data with other systems, a more robust picture of your organization will begin to emerge, which wil  l make it easier to spot areas where improvements can be made to give you a competitive advantage.
  4. Spreadsheet pivot tables: Not as tricky as they appear, creating pivot tables to connect all that data you have in those Excel spreadsheets can add an amazing level of clarity. Think your marketing programs are working, but not positive? What do the numbers say? Taking time on the front end to create pivot tables will pay off in the form of more accurate intelligence to work with. If you're interested, there's a cool little app called PivotPal. Check it out.
CDR Data has partnered with Chuck Borso of SDT, Inc., a company offering a robust platform to integrate traditional call data and myriad types of business data, incorporating useful data-analytic to  ols needed in the new and exciting world of self-service business intelligence (BI).

Armed with a variety of features that have been available in Excel for over a decade together with the Apogee BI Call Accounting suite, it will be relatively easy to pinpoint hidden relationships and take a deeper look at all the data that is sitting right in front of you.
You can acquire an entirely new perspective by utilizing the graphical tools within Excel's powerful new features - Power View, Power Map, and Power Pivots.  Armed with new visualization techniques, you can go a long way towards understanding what is working and where you need to make changes. Apogee has been the OEM backbone of many major call accounting systems for over thirty years and, continually being on the technological forefront of telemanagement software, has created a simple path for customers desiring to model call data in novel, insightful ways.

Want to learn more? Contact us for more ideas on how to make all that tiny data work big time for your bottom line!
-Kevin Young, CEO/Founder, CDR-Data
Weird "Wearables"? 
Just how "weird" can wearable technology get?

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times points to some pretty outlandish "wearable" stuff, but furniture? Really?

You can read the full article in the L.A. Times  here.
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