Friday, October 24, 2014

U.S. Opposing China’s Answer to World Bank

A freight train hauling coal in Shanxi Province. China has been lobbying neighbors to establish a new regional development bank. Credit via Associated Press

In Virtual Mega-Drought, California Avoids Defeat

A few years ago a group of researchers used computer modeling to put California through a nightmare scenario: Seven decades of unrelenting mega-drought similar to those that dried out the state in past millennia. The results were surprising. 


 Severe drought conditions reveal over 600 empty docks sitting on dry, cracked dirt at Folsom Lake Marina, which is one of the largest inland marinas in California and is down 35 percent, at Folsom Lake State Recreational Area Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014. As the state ends the fourth-driest water year on record with no guarantee of significant rain and snow this winter, Californians face the prospect of stricter rationing and meager irrigation deliveries for agriculture.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Telecom Expense: What is the REAL Cost?

 Nothing is free. Not really. So if you are not charging or allocating your calls you may suddenly have to increase your costs for bandwidth without having ways to charge for it. Not a good thing.

In case you didn’t know it, employee overhead is the second or third expense for organizations. How are you keeping on top of this expense? Are employees maximizing their work time? Looking at the calling activity is one of the best ways to determine if the employee is working well.  

Here are three key questions to ask yourself:

1.       How much will it cost your company if there is illegal calling or illicit actions being taken by an employee?
2.       How much will it cost your company if there is a lawsuit and you cannot prove points in the courts?
3.       How much will it cost your Business Center? There are fewer and fewer revenue opportunities why remove one?

Bottom line? You are consistently paying for your voice data. It is just bundled into your data bills.

Still skeptical? Tony Freeth, Principal at FTM and PBL (Medusa), says it best:

"Voice calls are data, true, but require the best quality data. If you don't control bandwidth then you can never be sure. All it can take is a very large Dropbox synch to give you a bad day. Voice is not complex or expensive to manage, and you don't need an IT star. So here's the golden rule - allow 100 kbps of bandwidth for every simultaneous call, add 20% for luck. Drop your voice calls into this protected 'slice', safe from where the rough and ready data applications can't get to it. Then relax and forget it."

In other words: Make sure you're covered.  


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