Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 2016 Issue

What Will Productivity Look Like in 2020?  

Most managers will tell you that one of the things that drives them nuts is when an employee says "That's not my job." Or, "That's not in my job description".

It is a mentality that, thankfully, is becoming less prevalent; especially as technology continues to blur the lines between job functions, even rendering some obsolete. And, if you are still using old methods of measuring productivity, you may soon be changing those as well.
The Boston Consulting Group holds an annual breakfast, at which they bring together an assortment of thought leaders to discuss major issues, such as productivity, in the face of today's digital transformation; in other words, how technology and automation are changing the way we measure productivity.
What is amazing, of course, is the fact that we are now talking seriously about self-driving cars and robots, not as futuristic phenomena, but as deliverables! Of course, those technologies still lie on the outskirts of our day-to-day management lives. But things are changing. And, regardless of what business you are in, these changes are set to rock your world, in terms of your goals, your business plans and, most importantly, the kind of employees you hire.
Below is graphic created by the Future of Jobs Report, from the World Economic Forum. It's interesting in that it spotlights the shift in importance of the key employee attributes, known to link to higher productivity.

Note how "creativity" has moved from last place to third place. And, there are a few new ones added, such as "emotional intelligence". As for the demise of "quality control"; well maybe technology will have that covered by 2020.

You can look up what all these terms mean, but the point is that the business world is changing to one where creativity is highly valued and negotiation skills; well, maybe not so much.
The bottom line is that technology is rapidly changing the characteristics of what we deem an ideal employee. But the good news is that if employers can begin to hire people who, instead of moaning "That's not my job" can deploy technology to handle more rote tasks and use their creativity and emotional intelligence to help reach new business heights, then the old jobs of the past are really "Not anyone's job" anymore.
Are you ready to hire a new generation of young, tech-savvy workers to help you find creative new ways to solve a new generation of challenges? Let us know what you think. After all, we're all in this "brave new world" together!
-Kevin Young, CEO/Founder, CDR-Data

It's that time again!
The WANY / BC@50 Serviced Workspace Industry Golden Anniversary Educational Conference & Celebration Set For June 16-17. Click here for details.

CDR-DATA  Introduces Apogee at CCISDA!  

This year's CCISDA was fantastic! We were excited to launch our newest telemanagement product, Apogee.

For those who missed the conference, or just want more information on Apogee, you can read more about it here.   

 to Winner of CDR-DATA Drawing at CCISDA!  

We are happy to announce that Paul Porter, Technology Manager for County of San Luis Obispo in California, is the winner of CDR-DATA's drawing at this year's CCISDA conference.

Congratulations, Paul!

What We Learned at GCUC Coworking Conference 

Whether or not you went to (or are familiar with) the annual GCUC conference, there was a lot of great insight and knowledge gained.
Read all about it here.


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