Thursday, April 30, 2015

Laugh at the Cold!

It was quite a winter in much of the US. A record number of storms rolled across the south and pumped up though New England. Boston had no place to put all the snow. We have had our share of cold and snow in the northern part of New York.

I’m going to tell you about the weekend of Feb. 13-16 (including Friday the 13th) and how proper planning, monitoring, understanding logistics, and resources can help you confidently manage the challenges of the weather and even enjoy it! In this story (all true), I offer examples of some fairly basic practices for personal comfort and protection that relate to our discipline.

I have written before about our family hunting lodge in the Adirondack Mountains. Many cousins and friends gather there each fall to enjoy the woods; share some great foods and drink; and repair, enhance, and maintain the facilities. We also make a trip or two up there in the winter to snowshoe, cross country, and downhill ski.

CDR-Data Corporation adds even more features to provide call data.

For Immediate Release


Pasadena, CA 


CDR-Data Corporation adds even more features to provide call data.

CDR-Data, the oldest SaaS call accounting solution, is announcing yet another new enhancement for eCDR®. This exciting new feature allows organizations to receive the analytics and call center tools needed to govern personnel resources and allocate expense more effectively.

These enhances are more of the CDR-Data’s promises to their client’s in providing improvements to reduce resources and increase revenue. 

This version now provides their clients with the ability to give their users the tools to extract data, create reports and update extension or cost center information.

The updated system user will provide a pop-up of the Cost Center that will allow the super user to assign multiple cost centers to a user.  

Reports may be printed, emailed or down-loaded to an Excel file.

About CDR-Data Corporation

CDR-Data Corporation, based in Pasadena CA, consists of a group of professionals with decades of experience in the telemanagement, call accounting and IT industry. By using an ASP environment, this team has consistently delivered proven products and services that provide answers to management's questions of telecommunications usage and billing. CDR-Data has gained its market share by consistently delivering high quality and flexible solutions to each and every CDR-Data client.

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