Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New white paper : Government Community Cloud

Originally posted on by August 31, 2011

Following recent posts about the Canadian Federal Government’s recent Shared Services initiative (this one and this one) we’re going to be publishing a full white paper on the topic, called ‘Government Community Cloud’.
This will explain the central role that Cloud Computing, specifically the NIST model called a Community Cloud, can play in achieving the goals set out by this program.
Quite simply it’s an ideal tool for doing so because fundamentally it’s a method of achieving shared services, it’s literally a technology model for many organizations to consolidate and share IT infrastructure.

Here is a first draft work-in-progress: Government Community Cloud (7-page PDF) that begins to explain the roles our various Cloud vendor partners will plan in this scenario, such as Cohesive and how they would be critical to Cloud security through implementing the Kantara best practices.
As this progresses we’ll be adding other partners input, in particular in key areas of open standards for interoperability and best practices for information security:
  • Cloud Security Alliance best practices: Isolating VMs in a multi-tenant environment, and utilizing encryption to secure data in transit and at rest
  • Open Data: How migrating to Cloud services can improve agencies use of Open Data
  • Open Cloud Ecosystem: Utilizing open standards for Intercloud Portability – Switching workloads between multiple Cloud providers, like CDMI, OCCI and OVF
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