Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GMIS Member Receives 2011 Ohio Public Finance Award

Originally posted on GMIS.org by Debbie Peterson

GMIS member Brian Kelley was recently honored with the 2011 Ohio GFOA Innovation in Public Finance Award at the Ohio GFOA annual conference in Cleveland ,OH, in September. The Ohio GFOA Innovation in Public Finance Award recognizes an individual for implementing a unique, timesaving or cost-effective procedure or program in the public sector that has potential application for other entities.

Portage County Auditor in nominating Brian for the award stated,

"Since 1991, Brian has consistently failed to recognize these traditional political silos as barriers to implementing information technology in government. He has successfully built long-term business relationships with ALL elected officials, department managers, and end-users in our County. He also reaches out externally to other governmental entities to build and leverage mutually beneficial relationships for shared services and data.

His accomplishments have resulted in immeasurable benefits to our County operations and in improved service delivery to our constituents. Through his accomplishments, Brian's innovative enterprise solutions consistently lead to improved efficiencies and significant cost savings.”

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