Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Three Ideas to Get Your Business Back "Out There"! 

I've spoken with so many business owners and managers who are tired of being in "hunker down" mode until the economy improves. They talk about spending most of their time just trying to get enough sales in the door to stay reasonably healthy. Some have taken a sort of checkerboard marketing approach, trying a little bit of this and that to grab another customer. They've been hammered by the economy and they are still weathering the storm.

Most of us agree that the economy will come back regardless of who becomes president this next month. We all have our opinions as to who will bring it back more quickly, but we keep our eyes open for the light at the end of the tunnel.

What can you do as a business, to reaffirm your value and "get out there" to compete effectively, as the economy thaws and buyers start looking for things to buy again? Here are a few ideas that most small businesses agree won't break the bank and will have a net positive effect:
  1. The Plan: You've probably drifted a bit with your focus and messaging to get business in the door. Get the team together and spend a few hours going back over your plan. Lots of things can change in a couple of years.  Make adjustments, reaffirm your unique value, and adjust your corporate descriptions and whatever else needs to be adjusted. 

  1. Distribute Content: Now to the get back "out there" part. Let people know you're still very much around. Start by checking out your website. Is it fresh or stale? Get some fresh content on the pages and make sure they are search-engine-friendly. Start a short newsletter. Keep it simple, interesting and brand reflective.    

  1. Customer Voice: When was the last time you did a customer case story? Reach out to customers who are happy with your product. These "stories" can be used in all areas of your marketing.
Don't put this on the back burner until after the holiday season. Start it now! And, you know I can help you with it. Do these things and, come January, you'll be in a better position to meet the New Year head on, and the new competitors that may come with it!

Susan Saldibar Marketing, provides expert marketing consulting and services to small-mid sized businesses who are serious about growing to the next level, but want to avoid hiring a full time marketing executive. We help them get the results they thought were out of reach, by re-aligning their marketing actions to put their product in front of their ideal customer.  Check out my PR/Social Media Package to jumpstart or re-start your PR and social media! 

Did you know that I offer a 1-hour free consultation? I follow it up with an outline that provides immediate value to your business, identifying some things you can do immediately to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities. I also have two new packages for website revamping and social media. I'm happy to share them with you. Drop me an email at or call me at 714 757-3082. 

The "trick" is to do it right the first time; the "treat" is a growing customer list! 

 "The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."
  ~ Henry Ford  

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