Thursday, April 30, 2015

Laugh at the Cold!

It was quite a winter in much of the US. A record number of storms rolled across the south and pumped up though New England. Boston had no place to put all the snow. We have had our share of cold and snow in the northern part of New York.

I’m going to tell you about the weekend of Feb. 13-16 (including Friday the 13th) and how proper planning, monitoring, understanding logistics, and resources can help you confidently manage the challenges of the weather and even enjoy it! In this story (all true), I offer examples of some fairly basic practices for personal comfort and protection that relate to our discipline.

I have written before about our family hunting lodge in the Adirondack Mountains. Many cousins and friends gather there each fall to enjoy the woods; share some great foods and drink; and repair, enhance, and maintain the facilities. We also make a trip or two up there in the winter to snowshoe, cross country, and downhill ski.

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