Tuesday, October 6, 2015

July 2015 Issue
Why 30% of Mobile Workers May Leave
As convenient as BYOD is, one issue stubbornly persists; that is the issue of privacy and security of data.

A recent Harris Poll survey, commissioned by MobileIron queried over 3,500 mobile workers from all over the world.

Only 61% of them feel that their employers are keeping their personal data private.  

About half of those surveyed indicated that they would not be comfortable if their employers were able to see their personal emails, contacts and text messages.  

Finally, if their employers were able to access their personal records, 30% would leave.

As might be expected, younger workers were less concerned about personal data being accessed than older workers. Interested in learning more? You can read more about the survey results at Network World.

Why is this important for IT and Telecom managers? As you know, data security has a lot of legs to it. While keeping mobile phone data intact and secure within your four walls is important, you will need to make an extra effort to ensure you are addressing the challenge of keeping data personal as well.
BYOD is here and, by all appearances, here to stay. Getting on top of how you deploy, manage and control BYOD is essential. How do you plan to tackle the enormous issue of personal mobile privacy? Or have you already got it covered? Let us know.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or to learn more about how CDR-Data can help you with the right tools to allocate and control 'the true cost' of your calls.  

-Kevin Young, CEO/Founder, CDR-Data 
CDR-Data applications are supported by products that, collectively, provide  you with all the resources needed to 
effectively manage your communications and personnel expenses without having to add resources.

eCDR®: All the reporting options and flexibility needed to effectively manage and allocate telecommunications expense. Easy to use and customizable.  
eBill-Back®: Fast, accurate telecommunications billing system for business centers, shared-tenant environments and any business requiring bill back of end users.
Call us or drop us an email: cdrinfo@cdrdata.com. Visit us at www.cdrdata.com.  
Congrats to CDR-Data client, Premier Business Centers, on their first Chicago office opening!
Premier Business Centers, the largest privately owned executive suite operator in the US, announced that they will be opening their first Illinois executive office suite location in Downtown Chicago this coming Fall.   

Located in the prestigious West Loop at the class "A" address of 200 West Madison, Premier will build-out 15,204 square feet of serviced office space on the  21st floor.  

You can read the full release in Officing Today here.

Living and working in paradise: the rise of the 'digital nomad' 
Fed up with spending the 9 to 5 in a stuffy office? Anna Hart packs her Mac and follows the trend for extreme remote working - in Bali.

Typing these words, my forefinger sticks sweatily to the trackpad.
When I glance up from the screen, I see steam rising from the neighbouring paddy field.
Fall Conferences
Summer will come and go fast! Here are a couple Fall conferences to put on your calendar now:

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