Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 2015 Issue
Apple Getting Ready to Disrupt Again! And Carriers Won't Like It! 

Talk about disruptive. And, for consumers and Apple, it's all good. With the recent release of iPhone 6s comes an influx of new features rolling out, and one of them stands ready to change the way we deal with our wireless carriers forever. 

If that sounds good to you, think about how it sounds to Apple! It started off slowly with the marketing and selling of content direct to the consumer, leaving the carriers scurrying to create more inviting and less expensive (at least perceptively) options to consumers. But Apple's winning with their new $32 per month deal, which gives you a new unlocked iPhone every year. Who are you bypassing? The carriers! 

While they will not go quietly --- we can expect all sorts of special deals and rebates in the months to come --- the experts are predicting a very different world to emerge over the next year or so.
The "P.S" here is what's happening with Apple SIMs. You know, those little chips that allow users to pay for data traffic via iTunes. Experts predict that the SIM will be extended to the iPhone. And you can connect the dots from here.
Will carriers eventually begin selling both voice and data services to their customers? And the add-on question is: What does this mean for traditional telecom management?

The bottom line: Be ready. Because Apple does not move slowly.

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Not to be Outdone by Apple...  
Microsoft has announced ExpressRoute, a new service to incorporate private high-speed connection through the Azure Government cloud.

What does this mean for the public sector? Here's the link to the details from govtech
When is a Box not a Box?
Box recently announced  that they are out to cover the business universe with content access.

Their Box platform will be providing ways for businesses to share content, connect it to processes, and basically connect seamlessly to other cloud services.

Is this cool? What do you think? You can read the entire article here

One Fall Conference Left; but it's a Good One
Are you headed to GWA? Better make your plans now!
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